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About Product Quality Options

   As you will notice on our t-shirts we have 3 different Quality Options available, Standard, Premium, and Ultra Premium. As you will be curious what these mean I will explain it here. All items on the site INCLUDING t-shirts are handmade in the US and Poland (which one depends on your location and current factory queue) All items EXCEPT for t-shirts will be printed on both sides by default. Below are the t-shirt categories

Standard- As it sounds, a standard ultrasoft t-shirt with the image printed on the front and nothing on the back.

Premium- An ultrasoft t-shirt with the image printed on both the front AND back

Ultra Premium- for the true t-shirt lover this shirt is the best of the best, with an ultrasoft blend the image is printed on a secondary medium then cut and sewn to the shirt for a superb 3d image

All items INCLUDING t-shirts are printed using dye sublimation and not screen printing. Our printing process guarantees your item will withstand the test of time and many, many washing over the years. I pride myself on only pushing out quality products for you to enjoy for years to come <3